Another must-have follow up. Every now and again there will be an update on 5 things you should buy for the colder season. They are up to date and worth considering. Come with me into the endless world of shopping essentials…

I know the feeling of wanting to buy “EVERYTHING“. Just the other day I was again confronted with my alter ego to purchase a product neither on my shopping list nor did I ever think on purchasing it. Yet, I found myself in the dilemma and now… well I didnt buy it…yet. The 5 essentials of this week are very versatile and there is a wide range out there. These are specifics and concentrate on particular products rather than on a over all group. This enables me to give you essentials every now and again and you see what I want to purchase, as they are products on MY shopping list too.

Lets begin…

1.The Winter Suit

This is something I have found was essential in the colder months. I am talking about heavy fabric, slightly thicker than your overall 4 seasons suit. The wool density is usually around 180 up to 220 and fully canvased. It is a prefect aid for work as you can still pair it to your white shirt and tie however will be warmer than in your usual suit. Personally, when I get the chance, I focus on buying suits rather than separates. This is because, recently I have found that it was nice to have the option open of wearing the suit as separates instead of purchasing them overtime. Furthermore, a winter suit allows for some patterns and therefore ideal when you need the blue blazer- chino look. When buying a suit, you should always consider the possibility it gives you with moving around. For example, during the winter months, packing for travels can be tough, especially when you need to go away for few days. A suit in a thicker fabric allows for versatility as it acts as a suit, a blazer and a pair of trousers. Remember that, when you buy a suit next time.



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2. The Long scarf 

Scarfs are a definitive YES this year. Making a new entrance into fashion even in the summer, the scarf proves to be a good investment for any occasion. It not only keeps your neck warm but also adds extra pattern and detail to your outfits. This version of a scarf has really caught my eye this season. More and more brands incorporate a oversized version of the scarf. Primarily used by women, it now has made its move towards the men. I am talking about scarfs you through over your shoulder and are wide enough to act as a poncho. The kind of scarf you lounge in and the kind of scarf you never want to take off. When it comes to the material, we all like it comfortable and soft. Cashmere in this case, makes this a must. However, keep in mind that this is a long term investment as scarves are always going to be around, in every season. Therefore, get it in darker colors easy to pair and furthermore, perfect for every color combination. Here go for blue, green or dark red.

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3. Colored Socks

Details, details and details. To pump up a look you need… (Insert word here). You don’t really need many clothes. We just over due everything. 50 white shirts, 25 pairs of jeans (all in similar color and fit), and a shit load of shoes (if you are like me). Lets not talk about our counter parts as they are even worse! But thats life if you are into fashion… What we seem to forget however, are socks. Those things you put on your feet every morning. I know, I don’t have them either. It’s that time though. Its getting colder and colder by the day and the feet won’t hold out any longer. Lets do them some good and purchase some warm socks. I say colored socks, because all of you gents should at least own a few pairs of black and blue socks for your everyday working attire as well as out and about. Colored socks will make it all the more interesting and are a definitive Must-Have in the Donsclub archive. They can add color and that extra bit of detail if you don’t want the details to be too visual. There is no holding back here. Take any color you want and try to combine it with patterns of trousers or get your own pattern combination.

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4. The Cardigan

The cardigan is making a come back. A very strong one as well. It comes in many forms and is perfect in thick fabric or slim fit under a suit of your choice. The options here are endless. Looking at the streets of the fashion capital, it is clear that heavy garments over a shirt acting as a jacket are great for the autumn months. But the functionality of the cardigan is not only easy but adds a bit of extra bit of snazz. It allows you to change it up between your jumpers and add some other colors to your outfit. Look for inspiration on the older men as the cardigan has been around longer than all of us. This does not mean that it is an old piece of garment, it rather means that it has been around so long due to her popularity. Choose your cardigan in vivid colors, patterns in darker hues in order to switch it up. Two essential colors which you need, are navy and grey.




5. Rubber soles

Now this is one for all the shoe lovers. Yes, for me too! I have been thinking about this a long time actually. Overtime, and owning a lot of those nice shoes, you will be happy when you get a pair that allows for durability and keeps your more vulnerable pair of shoes in isolation. One of my favorite types of shoes for this undergoing are brogues. They are elegant and with a thick rubber sole in a dark leather such as brown or even burgundy, can fight off snow, rain and mud if treated properly. You won’t thank me enough for this, once you get a pair for yourself. I myself am looking for a pair that transforms into an everyday shoe especially in the colder months. Here, go for everyday colors, darker hues are perfect such as black, brown or a dark burgundy for that extra bit of detail. They are sturdy and robust, but don’t be afraid to look for quality, as shoes like these last you a life time if you treat them accordingly.

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Let me know if you find these 5 useful!







All pictures are taken out of the internet for ideas.