Love in Verona. In love with the city of love… How ironic. But its entirely true! This city is not only the birthplace of Shakespeare’s “Rome and Juliet” but also has the vibe it needs to create the flair it stands for. If you are single and desperately need a partner, then this city is not for you… 😉

Couples everywhere!!! Now people will say, ” Well there are plenty of couples in every city”. Very true! But in Verona, being in a relationship goes up another level. I have never, in my life, seen so many couples in love like in Verona. It is an entirely good thing, don’t get me wrong.

Let me give you an example. You literally get depressed if you are in need of a “special someone”. Still, I love to be here. On the 14th of February, one is told that the whole city turns into an orgy of love and cuddles and words like “I love you” are pretty much as common as “Hey!” and “How are you?”. Yet you will love this City…

The architecture, the people, and the food… Living in Germany, we know all about Italian restaurants (there are plenty around), but to be brutally honest, they are nothing to what is offered here. Thinking that paying a lot of money will guarantee you good food is just stupid and snobbish. EVERYTHING, tastes good here. Doesn’t matter if cheap or expensive, you will never go wrong with a perfect pizza or Veronese Risotto (I just ate, but I can eat again no problem). There is something they put into the food and the atmosphere here. That typical love serum that has this city flourishing with all kinds of satisfied tourists and even happier couples.

If you have never been to Italy, I suggest you do so!!! Personally, a good city to start with is Verona. It is small, welcoming and has a beauty matching the famous cities here in Italy.

Sorry of course… the outfit!!!

I chose a very Italian style outfit today. I just love the simplicity of it. Still sophisticated, yet easy. Throw on a blazer by Italian power house Boggi Milanoa patterned shirt (Italians love their patterned shirt) by Barba Napoli. A pair of trousers by the Dutch brand Suitsupply. Yes! you heard correctly, the Dutch not only made “Coffe Shops” and other substances legal, they also know a thing or two about tailoring. Slightly shorter in length (as per usual) for those ankles to make a good impression and a good pair of loafers or dress shoes. In this case, light brown tassel loafers.

Now, take a stroll down Via Mazzini, sit in a café at Piazza Erbe and a enjoy a perfectly made coffee. After that you finish your tour at the river Adige. Now you have a story to tell your children!

I have to go home soon, as I heard that bloggers never wear their clothes more than once. I therefore, have clearly over stepped the boundaries. However, its not how many clothes you own, its about how you can combine a lot with little 😉

Good Night and as always feel free to contact me. I would love to know you opinion on which other cities are worth visiting 🙂





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