Fresh new hair cut,

There really is no better feeling than getting a new hair cut. It’s like spreading your favorite spread over that toast in the morning. You know what I mean 😉

Short and sweet today.

It was a casual day. Had to run a couple errands and of course cut my hair by my favorite location right in the heart of Frankfurt. Elena is Italian and is not only beautiful but hilarious and always fun when I come around. Thank you for keeping my slowly decaying hair in order!


A Levis denim shirt… Great brand and it has been around for decades. I always think to myself, why not get a pair of Levis Denim Jeans, after all, the man has made jeans all our lives, he must be good at it…

A pair of black ripped trousers, because it is still a fashion statement to buy clothes with over dimensional holes in them and pay a ridiculous price for it. These particular ones are by Rag&Bone and I have to say they fit quiet well. I like their collection, especially their denim with a little amount of stretch, so that my fat legs have some room to breath. You can find a similar pair (here).


Together with an elegant pair of loafers and the sun just shining on them makes the outfit perfect for this day. It makes a significant difference when you diverse your options. Choose a relaxed outfit and just pair something elegant to it, like a pair of nice shoes. Funnily enough, often times you are still turning heads these days. It often times has that effect. However, personally, looking into the crowd, it is nice to spot a man well put together, its not a sin to try and look great during the day. I really don’t understand the people that just wake up and just put something on. Well I guess, they don’t care, but maybe they should… However we must never forget to not judge a book by its cover 😉

Tell me what you think about switching up your wardrobe. Love to discuss.

Have a good night!





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